“Party” Goes On; Cover Charge for Clear Channel

I'm usually on top of trademark issues in the radio industry, so I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I missed this one, particularly because it's apparently been going on since 2006. Tradepub All Access announced that Clear Channel has settled claims brought by The Cromwell Group, Inc., a small radio outfit that, according to its web site, owns stations in Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. Of the 22 stations Cromwell owns, three use the brand "The Party" to identify...

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D.C. Gets a “Fresh” But What’s a “Fresh?”

A few weeks ago (Mon 4/6) Washington, D.C. radio listeners woke up to a new radio station, as CBS Radio flipped it's classic rock station WTGB to become 94.7 Fresh FM. "Fresh" is a relatively new format launched a year or so ago by veteran adult contemporary programmer Greg Dunkin. According to Vallie-Richards-Donovan, a radio consultancy that briefly handled licensing of the brand, Fresh is targeted at "[t]he much sought after 25-49 audience" by being "contemporary without being too...

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