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The Legal Impact:
Current Trends in Media Law

Professor Chris Reed, JD/LLM ’06 discusses the latest trends in media law in the realms of broadcast and digital, especially as it relates to intellectual property. Produced and Hosted by A. J. Kierstead.

pacific planetarium association

Use Images & Videos in Your

Can you take an image from NASA’s website and use it in a production without permission? What about a video clip from YouTube? Is it fair use if I only use it for less than 30 seconds? What about the educational use exception (does that even exist)? Learn more about copyright issues with using images and video clips in your productions – and how to avoid them –  in this web seminar.

pacific planetarium association

Use Music in Your

Many planetarians ignore the copyright issues surrounding the use of commercially available music in the planetarium, while others, fearing the unknown, simply avoid using music in their productions. Still others believe, erroneously, that so long as a facility is covered by licenses from the likes of ASCAP or BMI, they are free to use music in their shows. Get some expert knowledge and have some of your questions answered in the web seminar.

Quilting Army Krewe

Chris Reed Gets Real
About Copyright

Chris talks with us about real-world questions arising for both photographers and quilters about copyright.

Quilting Army Krewe

Chris Reed Returns
to Talk About Copyright

Chris joins us for a second interview on copyright issues related to copyright, including recent controversies related to quilting and copyright.


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