Farewell, Craig Windham

February 29, 2016 | Observations

I was saddened and a bit shocked to hear today’s news that longtime NPR newscaster Craig Windham had passed away. He was only 66.

I met Craig during my first internship at NPR in 2002. I was desperate to be a newscaster at the time and even though I wasn’t interning with his group, he was generous enough to let me hang out with him during a few shifts and watch him do his thing (and eat dinner with the newscast unit a couple times). Getting to meet him was especially gratifying because at the time I was also a volunteer at Lehigh Valley’s community public radio station, WDIY, where I anchored local news breaks that often came right after Craig’s network newscasts and I always tried to emulate his calm, crisp delivery.

When I met him I believe he was still working on his Ph.D. in counseling, and I remember it being the first time that I realized it was possible to pursue multiple careers, or more accurately, that there might be a way to pursue my passion for radio while doing other things. I’ve been good at the “other things” part, but this makes me think maybe it’s time to figure out a way to get back into radio.

In an article covering Windham’s career, Robert Garcia, the executive producer of NPR’s hourly newscasts, says that “Craig touched so many lives.”

I can vouch for at least one.

Thanks, Craig. You’ll be missed.