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The View from Washington:
“The Next Great Copyright Act”

Chris Reed and Ben Sheffner (SVP/Legal Affairs, Motion Picture Association of America), discuss the copyright review process playing out in Washington, including the history of amendments to the 1976 Copyright Act; the various players in the current process that may result in significant changes to the statutes, and a description of the debates over various specific issues now under debate. Published by New Media Legal Publishing and offered for CLE credit in a number of jurisdictions through West LegalEdcenter.

The Media Business

This course examines the business models relating to the production and distribution of books, music, films, television programs, sports, news and information, and related industries. Students will understand how fundamental economic principles have formed the underpinnings of contemporary media distribution business models and how recent technological innovation has begun to reshape the content business landscape. Students will gain exposure to the market demands, economic context, and legal and regulatory environment in which creators and content business executives must decide how to create, produce, and distribute the next generation of the American cultural experience.

Media Law

This course explores the legal standards that determine what the media may and may not do. After completing the course, students will understand the fundamentals of how the American legal system works; have an understanding and appreciation for the freedoms embodied in the First Amendment and how they impact the media and the media’s role in a democratic society; and understand the legal environment in which the media must function, including libel, privacy, copyright, broadcast regulation, advertising, and various other doctrines and policy issues that relate to the media industry.

Current Issues in Copyright Practice

In March of 2013 Register of Copyrights Maria A. Pallante delivered a landmark speech entitled “The Next Great Copyright Act,” which called upon Congress to revise the nation’s copyright law for the digital age. Congress listened, and a month later, the House Judiciary Committee embarked on the most comprehensive review of U.S. copyright law since the enactment of the Copyright Act of 1976.  In the course of its review it has held over a dozen hearings on a diverse array of copyright issues affecting the entire copyright ecosystem, from individual authors, the intermediaries that invest in and distribute their work, and the users that ultimately consume it.  This course explores the major issues confronting the national copyright system, and engages students to propose and evaluate possible solutions and approaches to building our nation’s next great copyright act.

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