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The Airports brand is a collection of bold, vivid designs that embody the spirit and excitement of aviation and celebrate the elegant complexity of the airports that serve as the foundation of our nation’s aviation infrastructure.

Although airports are designed primarily as functional spaces, geographic and aeronautic considerations, as well as changes in best practices for airport design over the years, have led to unique – and in some cases, iconic – layouts for every major U.S. airport.

The 66 airport-specific designs that comprise the brand were conceived originally as posters, but the artwork is readily adaptable to a variety of commercial applications aimed at frequent travelers and aviation enthusiasts, ideally marketed through specialty retail channels and in tourist communities.

Note that although based on official charts, the diagrams used on this website and in the Airports design system generally have been modified substantially from their original form and are not suitable for navigation.

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consumer products

Posters, coffee mugs, notebooks, luggage tags, and a variety of other consumer products are available through the Airports store on Zazzle.

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The Airports artwork and concept is available for licensed use on consumer products and other applications. For more information, please contact CSR Media.

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